战栗糖果屋(台)/Gretel and Hansel

描述葛丽特与汉赛尔被抛弃在黑森林中,试图找寻食物,却误入女巫预备丰盛佳肴的屋子。 故事发生在很久很久以前,在一个遥远的村庄,女孩葛丽特(索菲娅·莉莉丝 饰)带着弟弟韩赛尔进入一片幽暗密林,饥寒交迫的两人原本希望可以在这里找到食物和工作,却遇上了令人恐惧的邪恶存在……

标签:奇幻 / 惊悚 / 恐怖



Rose, a sweet, small town driving instructor, is gifted with supernatural abilities, "The Talents", which mean she can talk to the spirit world. Rose has a love hate relationship with her abilities, after seeing what they did to her Dad, Vincent, and tries to ignore the constant small-time spiritual requests from locals - haunted rubbish bins, tractors, children's bikes, frying pans etc, etc. Yet when her help is requested by Sarah, a teenager whose father, Martin, is being haunted by his deceased nagging wife, she is very tempted...Martin seems like a very nice man! Meanwhile, in a large castle outside town, Christian Winter, a washed up rock star, has a sinister plan to sell his soul for renewed success. He needs to sacrifice a virgin and puts a spell on Sarah, leaving her in a levitating catatonic state. Martin, bewildered, asks Rose to help him save his daughter. Martin and Rose set about trying to break the spell which requires the speedy exorcism of many ghosts before the spell ...

标签:喜剧 / 奇幻 / 恐怖